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Posted: 10 months ago
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Up Your Tame Game: Fight frizz and land those fly-aways with regular moisturizing. It repairs and strengthens the hair. Use treatment oils before styling (or a few drops mixed into your conditioner) to smooth strands as well. Finish your style with a humidity-resistant hairspray.

Ditch the Dryer

Taking the heat out of styling is a great way to stay cool (and keep hair healthy). With shorter styles, it’s easy to wash and go. To get loose, beachy waves, twist longer locks into a bun or topknot after washing at night. Take it down in the morning, smooth on shine or texturizing product, and you’re good to go. At any length, a slicked-back ‘do is a great summer go-to as well.

Add to Your Arsenal

Use a secret weapon in your summer routine to help protect your skin. Products with vitamin C or green tea can help your sunscreen work better and prevent damage after you get some sun. If you wear foundation, you should still layer broad-spectrum sunscreen under it since most women don’t wear enough makeup to block those rays.

Treat Sunburn Correctly

When you have a sunburn, your skin is irritated. Calm it down. Apply towels soaked in ice water for 15-minute periods to curb redness and swelling. Take ibuprofen as directed, apply hydrocortisone cream, and moisturize frequently. Aloe vera is soothing, but avoid products with added scents that will inflame even more.

Fake It, Don’t Bake It

For best self-tan results, use a face or body scrub with granules beforehand. Avoid oil-based products, which can cause streaks. If you’re nervous or a novice, use a formula that gradually darkens your skin over a few days. When doing your face, include your ears, and blend into your hairline and down your neck for the most natural look.

Be Sunscreen Savvy

The biggest mistake people make is not applying enough. To get the protection promised on the bottle, you need 1 ounce (the size of a golf ball or shot glass shot) for each body part not covered by clothing, and the same amount for your face. Reapply it every hour and a half. Also, give yourself a little lead time: Put sunscreen on 15 minutes before heading outside.

Find Your Best Formula

With so many sunscreens to choose from, it’s best to think about your skin type and what you’ll do while wearing it. If you’re going to be active, look for water-resistant SPF 30. If you’re concerned about shine or greasy residue, try an oil-free formula or one that contains micronized zinc. A spray is easiest to apply, but rub it in to make sure it’s spread evenly.

Keep Summer Breakouts at Bay

Summer heat can make blemishes worse. Wash your face twice daily (and after sweating) to help keep it under control. It’s a myth that the sun clears up pimples, and many acne treatments can make your skin more likely to burn. If you tend to break out, look for sunscreens that say “oil-free,” “non-comedogenic,” “non-acnegenic,” or “won’t clog pores.”

Ingrown, Be Gone!

Bathing suit season means more shaving — and more potential for ingrown hairs. But whatever you do, don’t pick or squeeze them, because this can trigger an infection. Instead, apply cortisone cream to ease the irritation and allow them to heal on their own. The best way to prevent ingrown is to exfoliate regularly so dead skin doesn’t clog pores and trap hairs inside. Using a shaving gel before shaving and shaving in the direction of hair growth helps to prevent ingrown hair as well.

Plan Your Smooth Move: Waxing keeps you smooth and fuzz-free for a few weeks or more, but don’t hit the beach right after your appointment. Exposing inflamed skin to UV rays can cause it to change color, so try to stay out of the sun for at least 24 hours after waxing. Apply sunscreen to freshly waxed areas and seek shade if you have to be outside 🙂 🙂

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